Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 5

Today I have really hit the wall. Last day of term for the kids and I have run out of puff. I did the mum's taxi thing this morning, then did some quick shopping for supplies. Came home, made a big pot of chicken noodles soup and put myself to bed. I had a little nap, but mostly watched DVD's.

I have been very good with my calories....1233 for the day!! And that included some pretzels. Risky I know, but I REALLY needed something crunchy and salty. I weighed them all out and stashed the bag in the pantry for another day. I don't want to live on celery sticks, as much as I love them. I want to be able to eat the foods I love, but learn to know my limits.

I have also been debating whether to exercise or not?? So early in the program I was concerned about getting out of the habit, but was also not sure if it was wise to as I was feeling unwell. (& have been for such a long time) I had to drag myself out of bed to collect my son from his girlfriends house and when I got back I figured I might as well get on the bike and see how long I lasted. I am pleased to say I got through the whole 30 min and in fact went a little further than I have before: 12km!! It means I must be pedaling at a higher rate which I am SOOOO pleased about!! I am itching to get into the full training program but feel it is wise to wait till I am well......can't believe I am saying that!! LOL

Hope you have had a great day.


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