Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 1 -Fitness Test

At 4pm I will be heading out to do the walking component of the fitness test. Results, and pitiful as they are to follow shortly!!

Part 1 - Time Trial
Completed #iMapMyWalk (Walk): Distance 1.00 km, Duration 0:11:17, Pace 11:20 min/km, Speed 5.3 kph.

Part 2 - Push up Test
5 completed ( well 10 bad ones, and my coach would only let me count 5)

Part 3 - Ab Strength Test
1.....just 1. I could have told you I had no Abs without the test.

Part 4 - Wall Sit
5 sec.....just 5! Pitiful really.

Part 5 - Sit & Reach Test one made us laugh the most.

I am lucky enough to have a son completing Phys Ed as a Year 12 subject, so all of these fitness exercises are very familiar to him. He made sure I kept proper form and did his best to encourage his old mum as she lay in a sniggering mess most of the time.

Wonder if there will be any improvements in a month.

Food wise I was a bit of a rebel, but mostly kept the calories under control. Tomorrow I do my first day of proper exercise....hhmmmm I may not be able to walk.

Night night.....


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