Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kicking off Round 3

I know I have not quite finished my pre season tasks, but I just had to stop in and log some stats from todays get together with some of the Victorian 12WBTer's.

It was just so cool to meet up with so many people I am familiar with from the forums BUT also just as cool to meet some new peeps who have just signed up for R3!! Last round I really just trudged along on my own.....yes I Tweeted, & blogged & visited the forums...but that really meant that everyone was at a distance still. I think today was what I really needed to keep focused and enthusiastic....

So what are the numbers?????

Going UP the steps

46:32 Min
463 Calories
156 Average HR
182 Max HR

Going DOWN the track

25:19 Min
170 Calories
128 Average HR
205 Max HR ???


58:47 Min
520 Calories
146 Average HR
172 Max HR

Not sure where that Max HR of 205 came from going DOWN?? I also got a reading of 204 the other day from carrying some groceries to the car???

Be back soon with the last 2 preseason tasks.....

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Round 3 Task 3 - Set Your Goals

I always find this hard.....but here we go....

1 Month I plan to
Have lost 5kg
Run 1km without stopping
Have built strength

3 Months I plan to
Have lost 15kg
Run 3km without stopping
Continue to build Strength & Completed Intermediate Triathlon
Also some Major Milestone that I cannot even visualize at the moment

6 Months
Have lost 25kg
Run 5km without stopping

12 Months
Have lost 30kg (40kg in total if you include R2) & Kept it off
Enter Run Melbourne- What distance???

The further out the goals get the harder I find it is making them. I look at myself NOW and I LOOK so different & FEEL so much better....I guess I can't believe it could get even BETTER than this!!! It is hard to remember that I am NOT the feeble, GROSSLY overweight unfit person I was just 13 weeks ago....I am now just overweight... LOL

These goals will need revisiting once my reality changes. I guess really once my perception of myself catches up with WHO I actually am....



Friday, September 17, 2010

Round 3 Task 4 - Gear UP

I am SO grateful to have all of this covered!! I was pretty well set up at the start of Round 2....lots of equipment hanging around (from previous "getting fit" attempts)I plan to continue training Outdoors....I am really enjoying my long walks & hopefully that will transition it running.

The one thing I HAVE gotten myself for the start of this Round is a learn to run app for my iPhone.... Oh and some SMALLER training clothes.... Drawstings are wonderful things but I am getting a little too much exposure from my size 18 track pants!!! I also think that I will need to take my $50 athlete's foot voucher that I WON in Round 2 to get some new shoes. The ones I bought for the start of Round 2 seem to be too big. My feet are way less puffy, and Michelle did suggest in one of her video's that it might be an issue at some point!!

Over the 12 weeks of Round 2 I also got myself set up in the kitchen. I was seriously lacking in quality pots & pans etc. It is nice to have the right tools to cook GREAT food! I look forward to getting into the kitchen these days......

SO....I think I am ALL Geared up!!! LOL

Round 3 Task 5 - Say it out loud!

I WILL learn to run!
I WILL follow Michelle's training program
I WILL support & encourage my 12WBT family
I WILL share my journey
I WILL be honest with myself & the 12WBT family
I WILL make good food choices


if I do all of that.....
I WILL lose weight!

Round 3 Task 6 - Kitchen Makeover

This is a task I struggled with last time also, I could not bare the thought of throwing away food we had paid for. AND I don’t live on my own I share my home with a husband and 4 teenage children. Although I do do most of the grocery shopping, I am not the only one who buys food and brings it home. So it really don’t matter if I don’t buy the “crap”, someone else will….. It is just the stage of life I am at .....lots of independent people around me. So last Round I determined to really test my will power muscle…..and it seemed to work for me MOST of the time. LOL Life isn’t lived in a vacuum there will always be temptations…...I have just had to learn REAL quick how to deal with them!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Round 3 - Task 7 Organise & Diarise

This is actually one of the harder ones for me to do....Well it was in Round 2. Now that may have been because my husband was working was just me & the 4 lots of time in the car on the go. THANKFULLY he is home now to share that aspect of parenting, in fact I have found myself wondering what to do a couple of times this past week............... lets make a little plan & see if it sticks!

We only have a small freezer, so I am not able to store food for a family of 6 for a week in what I have. I had a lot of success shopping every couple of days last round. I do a big shop on Sunday for pantry basics & dinner for Sunday & Monday night...I then tend to play it by ear. No drama in that as my daughter works at a major shopping center & I take her to work every day. Easy to zap in a pick up the fresh ingredients for 1 or 2 meals.

In Round 2, I mostly exercised in the evenings. That I want to change this round. I will continue taking Monday as my rest day as it is the busiest day in my week, the 1 day I have commitments away from home all day. I am lucky to work from home, so I can set my schedule, even shifting some of my work to the evenings if need be. If I learned anything last round it is that the day gets away from you & the chance to actually do your training can evaporate very easily!! I am not an early riser, so will get up & get the kids off to school THEN do my training, shower, dress & do a little housework. I SHOULD then be ready to do a couple of hours work before lunch!!

I have started a learn to run program in the "in between" week....and I will continue this 3 days each week. Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday. That is on TOP OF following Michelle's training plan!! This Round I want not only to lose weight but see REAL physical changes and therefore REAL improvement in my fitness test results!! As the days get longer & warmer...I MIGHT see if I can get up and get my run done prior to getting the kids to school...but seriously that is a HUGE ask for me. LOL

OK I think that is Task 7 done.......



Round 3 - Task 8 Measure Up

Round 3 is ALMOST here.....nutrition & training plans have been released TODAY ready for kick off....BUT I am still working through my pre-season tasks. As you can see I am starting at Task 8 working backwards.

These clothes are new! The pants are a 16(I was Wearing a size 20 jeans at the start of R2), the top a Medium (L-XL at the start of R2) You may notice the muffin top has returned as I have had to ease myself into the pants. Not intending to wear them in public just yet: I wanted something on hand READY for that first proper warm day and I AM going to be another few KG lighter by then. (Oh and Target was having a sale......LOL) I plan to take a pic in week 6, then week 12 wearing the same clothes. It will be exciting to see the difference: so much easier to compare if I am wearing the same clothes. I also wanted a before shot that I would be happy to show more publicly.

NOW for the all important numbers....

R Thigh:72cm
L Thigh:71cm

I have uploaded a shot in my underwear for my official before photo. I wasn't that brave at the beginning of Round 2..........

I will be back with Task 7!



Sunday, September 12, 2010

The very last day of Round 2!!

Where oh where have the last 12 weeks gone??? I really cannot believe that it is over?? Seems like a good opportunity to reflect on what I have achieved during Round 2, because tomorrow I start on pre season tasks for Round 3. I have deliberately tried not to think about R3: I did not want to forget in the whirlwind that is pre season that I was still plodding away on R2.

I have been looking over my goals.....very interesting as I have not looked at them since I made them 12 weeks ago.

In that first week I acknowledged that I was a great starter....not so great with the finishing....Well I am still here!!! Think I can check that off the list as done & dusted.

Weight Loss goals. I said that at 1 month I wanted to have lost 3kg, I had lost 3.7kg. At 3 months I wanted to have lost 8kg, I have in fact lost 10.8kg in the 12 weeks. That puts me a LONG way towards my 6 month goal of a 15kg loss... Yup can check that off the list too. I HOPED to be under 100kg, but at the time I didn't even write it down. I guess I could not believe it was at all possible. I am by the way...99.2kg to be exact.

Fitness/Training. Lets just say that this is the area that I have exceeded my expectations. Most of my fitness test results prove that..well other than the Ab test....LOL I always knew that if I got myself moving...I would shift the weight. But I was so timid about exercising that I was not really confident of being able to achieve anything of significance.... The biggest goal I set myself in that area was to maybe a couple of times a week be riding or walking for 45 min.... and I have been doing that, easily. I decided yesterday to give it a good push and just see how far I could go. I managed to knock out an 8km walk in about 100min. The thing that let me down was my feet.....if not for them I could have done more. My body handled it really well. Very little soreness, even today!!! When I started around 2km was my limit, my feet hurt after the first 500m....LOL Man how things have changed!! Yesterday I even ran to catch the lights at a pedestrian crossing???? 12 weeks ago I could not have run to save myself! Oh and I did a bit of a triathlon.....LOL

Although I am proud of what I have achieved, I know I have more in me!! I am really looking forward to the next round. I plan on following the training program more closely, this time having mainly done my own thing. I really want to see BIG improvements in the fitness test.

It has been a wild ride....but I know it is only the beginning.....


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 80 - Final official Weigh in Day...

Thought I would share with you my before & After pictures.....What do you think???

This week I lost me a grand total of 10.8kg for this last official weigh in. There is much contention on the forums as to when the last weigh in should be....I myself will be weighing myself again on Sunday to get my personal final total....Round 3 does not start till the 20th so I am hopeful of losing around another 1kg by then....setting my sights a little higher this round....if I can do this just dabbling, what could I do if I gave it a good crack????

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 79 - Week 11 Testimonial (just a little late)

The last month has just been insanely busy. THANKFULLY husband is back from his long long trip to Tassie to work and that means someone to share the load!

So tomorrow is the LAST weigh in for this Round and I am ITCHING to get it done and dusted!! I so want to get that 10kg loss.....SO wanna see it! Going to sleep soon so I can wake up soon. I always wake up before my alarm on weigh in day.......freaky I know!!!

How did I go in Week 11 you ask.... I lost 500g (1/2 Kg) which took me to 100.5kg!! So close to that goal, only another 500g off and I am there. I really want to see 99. something tomorrow. I think if I see 100kg on the knocker I will be mildly disappointed...trying to keep it in perspective and remember to be proud as that will be EXACTLY 10kg!!

Also in Week 11, we were set the task of recording a Testimonial Video. I didn't get time to have it posted by the deadline but I did want to make sure that I got it done. The Video is below.....I am getting a little better and keeping them short. (this 1 was only 5 min over not 15 min...LOL)

Roll on weigh in day........