Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Day 79 - Week 11 Testimonial (just a little late)

The last month has just been insanely busy. THANKFULLY husband is back from his long long trip to Tassie to work and that means someone to share the load!

So tomorrow is the LAST weigh in for this Round and I am ITCHING to get it done and dusted!! I so want to get that 10kg loss.....SO wanna see it! Going to sleep soon so I can wake up soon. I always wake up before my alarm on weigh in day.......freaky I know!!!

How did I go in Week 11 you ask.... I lost 500g (1/2 Kg) which took me to 100.5kg!! So close to that goal, only another 500g off and I am there. I really want to see 99. something tomorrow. I think if I see 100kg on the knocker I will be mildly disappointed...trying to keep it in perspective and remember to be proud as that will be EXACTLY 10kg!!

Also in Week 11, we were set the task of recording a Testimonial Video. I didn't get time to have it posted by the deadline but I did want to make sure that I got it done. The Video is below.....I am getting a little better and keeping them short. (this 1 was only 5 min over not 15 min...LOL)

Roll on weigh in day........



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