Thursday, September 16, 2010

Round 3 - Task 8 Measure Up

Round 3 is ALMOST here.....nutrition & training plans have been released TODAY ready for kick off....BUT I am still working through my pre-season tasks. As you can see I am starting at Task 8 working backwards.

These clothes are new! The pants are a 16(I was Wearing a size 20 jeans at the start of R2), the top a Medium (L-XL at the start of R2) You may notice the muffin top has returned as I have had to ease myself into the pants. Not intending to wear them in public just yet: I wanted something on hand READY for that first proper warm day and I AM going to be another few KG lighter by then. (Oh and Target was having a sale......LOL) I plan to take a pic in week 6, then week 12 wearing the same clothes. It will be exciting to see the difference: so much easier to compare if I am wearing the same clothes. I also wanted a before shot that I would be happy to show more publicly.

NOW for the all important numbers....

R Thigh:72cm
L Thigh:71cm

I have uploaded a shot in my underwear for my official before photo. I wasn't that brave at the beginning of Round 2..........

I will be back with Task 7!



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  1. Hey Lynda!

    You look amazing! I think I will follow your lead and put some clothed photos up on my blog site. I'm at 101.9 - so not too far behind you! Can't wait to see where we get to at the end of this round. ; )