Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Has it been that long....

I really can't believe it has been so long since I wrote that last post! I have thought often about writing an update and filling you in on the party & workout over the last 8 weeks but honestly I have not been about to find the words. But as we are now only 12 days away from R1/11 Kick off, I think it is time to drag some thoughts out. Lets break it down into bits.....

Train trip! My WORST fears were realized when I arrived at Southern Cross station to be told that the train to Sydney had been replaced with a bus!! EEkkk No one had any sensible information, and there was a lot of confusion as we were herded down to the bus terminal. THANKFULLY our bus driver was lovely and he informed us we only had to get the bus to Albury, then on a train the rest of the way. While waiting to board I noticed an older lady looking rather distressed & feeling a bit that way myself we started chatting. Turned out she had a medical issue that required regular & easy access to a toilet and if you have traveled on a bus you know you don't get that. We decided then and there to buddy up, and honestly I would not have managed the trip without Margaret.We chatted the whole way and the time passed very quickly. She had also had a quiet word to the driver and he promised to take care of her and he did. A comfort stop about half way had as all comfortable so to speak. LOL I don't think I have ever been so pleased to get on a train. I had been dreading it, but after the bus it was a dream. Margaret was just in the next carriage so we caught up for a chat again a couple of times before she got off a few stops before Central.

We had more delays on the way, and got into Sydney almost 90min late....THANK GOD Lee Ann & Jodie were on the platform waiting for me. So I had gotten to Sydney, now I had to BE in Sydney....We chatted till late and then staggered to bed, poor Jodie was actually Jetlagged from coming from Perth...We had breakfast together then headed off in our own directions. I had a lunch date with my cousin then planned to shop. The city was very noisy and I know I spent a LOT of time walking around in circles. This was the 2nd time I was muchly grateful for having lost 20kg.....(the first was when I had to squish into the teeni bus seat) The others found me in town after their adventures then we headed home. As the sun set we headed down to The Rocks Night Market and met up with some of the gang from Perth & grabbed a late dinner....silly to say but it felt like a very grown up thing to do.....LOL (No I don't get out much)Back home again for another late night chat AND the disappointing news that Andrea had missed her plane and would not be arriving till the next morning.

So grateful to be so tired that night as I am sure the excitement of the next day should have kept me awake...reasonable nights wake up to a brilliant Sydney day, clear and just warm enough! Off we head to our Work out with Mish......uuugghhh I think most of us would say I have no idea of what we were worried about....we had been preparing for this for 12 weeks.....It was exciting...found myself some buddies for the time trail. (Thanks Lizzie B for pushing me just that little bit) Mish is tough but fair, I would have loved to have spend MORE time with Amelia learning MORE about running and the boot camp guys....well they were just HOT!! And very kind to a bunch of mildly terrified (mostly) women!! Training done, home again to primp & preen for the party.

I really don't get out much, have very little experience of bars & clubs so the whole evening was an eye opener for me....Trying desperately to look like I belonged but stuggling not to just gaze around in dumb struck wonder. Walked home barefoot....and once again crashed into bed.

Sunday was probably my worst day. I believe now I was terribly dehydrated, but as Lee Ann headed home, and Jodie & Andrea headed off to conquer the bridge I went shopping. Promptly had myself a panic attack in the food court under Myer...THANKFULLY ran into Jennali who hugged me & soothed my addled brain with words of understanding and empathy. Then miracle of all miracles...bumped into some more peeps just returning from training with Emazon. From feeling all alone I was suddenly surrounded with friends...thank you to the man upstairs.

Later that afternoon, my husband & 3 of our children arrived for our week in Sydney and I farewelled Jodie & Andrea to fly home. The Bozzy's jumped in the car to go have an early Christmas with in Laws...It was a strange transition....I had not wanted the weekend to be over...I wanted more time with the girls to debrief. I think if any of those 3 read this they will probably be reading about my bad Sunday for the first time....Unfortunately my family didn't get the best of me for the first couple of days as I was still trying to process my weekend. That weekend was certainly a defining one for me....I did so many things for the first time...but even now I still don't really know how to explain how I feel about it.. Obviously I can tell you stories....but ask me to tell you how I feel and I can't find the words.

I want to leave you with a video of an activity that we did as a family one day on our Sydney adventure. It was fun to do it as a family, but it was also a milestone for ME as ME. This is absolutely the type of thing I would have watched before....been the spectator...taken know sat on the sidelines..but I guess at the moment I am in a "What the Hell" kind a may not seem like much but it is a proud moment for me....AND I think I look pretty good doing it!!

Cheers & Bring on Feb 21