Saturday, September 18, 2010

Round 3 Task 3 - Set Your Goals

I always find this hard.....but here we go....

1 Month I plan to
Have lost 5kg
Run 1km without stopping
Have built strength

3 Months I plan to
Have lost 15kg
Run 3km without stopping
Continue to build Strength & Completed Intermediate Triathlon
Also some Major Milestone that I cannot even visualize at the moment

6 Months
Have lost 25kg
Run 5km without stopping

12 Months
Have lost 30kg (40kg in total if you include R2) & Kept it off
Enter Run Melbourne- What distance???

The further out the goals get the harder I find it is making them. I look at myself NOW and I LOOK so different & FEEL so much better....I guess I can't believe it could get even BETTER than this!!! It is hard to remember that I am NOT the feeble, GROSSLY overweight unfit person I was just 13 weeks ago....I am now just overweight... LOL

These goals will need revisiting once my reality changes. I guess really once my perception of myself catches up with WHO I actually am....



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