Friday, September 17, 2010

Round 3 Task 4 - Gear UP

I am SO grateful to have all of this covered!! I was pretty well set up at the start of Round 2....lots of equipment hanging around (from previous "getting fit" attempts)I plan to continue training Outdoors....I am really enjoying my long walks & hopefully that will transition it running.

The one thing I HAVE gotten myself for the start of this Round is a learn to run app for my iPhone.... Oh and some SMALLER training clothes.... Drawstings are wonderful things but I am getting a little too much exposure from my size 18 track pants!!! I also think that I will need to take my $50 athlete's foot voucher that I WON in Round 2 to get some new shoes. The ones I bought for the start of Round 2 seem to be too big. My feet are way less puffy, and Michelle did suggest in one of her video's that it might be an issue at some point!!

Over the 12 weeks of Round 2 I also got myself set up in the kitchen. I was seriously lacking in quality pots & pans etc. It is nice to have the right tools to cook GREAT food! I look forward to getting into the kitchen these days......

SO....I think I am ALL Geared up!!! LOL

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