Thursday, September 16, 2010

Round 3 - Task 7 Organise & Diarise

This is actually one of the harder ones for me to do....Well it was in Round 2. Now that may have been because my husband was working was just me & the 4 lots of time in the car on the go. THANKFULLY he is home now to share that aspect of parenting, in fact I have found myself wondering what to do a couple of times this past week............... lets make a little plan & see if it sticks!

We only have a small freezer, so I am not able to store food for a family of 6 for a week in what I have. I had a lot of success shopping every couple of days last round. I do a big shop on Sunday for pantry basics & dinner for Sunday & Monday night...I then tend to play it by ear. No drama in that as my daughter works at a major shopping center & I take her to work every day. Easy to zap in a pick up the fresh ingredients for 1 or 2 meals.

In Round 2, I mostly exercised in the evenings. That I want to change this round. I will continue taking Monday as my rest day as it is the busiest day in my week, the 1 day I have commitments away from home all day. I am lucky to work from home, so I can set my schedule, even shifting some of my work to the evenings if need be. If I learned anything last round it is that the day gets away from you & the chance to actually do your training can evaporate very easily!! I am not an early riser, so will get up & get the kids off to school THEN do my training, shower, dress & do a little housework. I SHOULD then be ready to do a couple of hours work before lunch!!

I have started a learn to run program in the "in between" week....and I will continue this 3 days each week. Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday. That is on TOP OF following Michelle's training plan!! This Round I want not only to lose weight but see REAL physical changes and therefore REAL improvement in my fitness test results!! As the days get longer & warmer...I MIGHT see if I can get up and get my run done prior to getting the kids to school...but seriously that is a HUGE ask for me. LOL

OK I think that is Task 7 done.......



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