Sunday, September 12, 2010

The very last day of Round 2!!

Where oh where have the last 12 weeks gone??? I really cannot believe that it is over?? Seems like a good opportunity to reflect on what I have achieved during Round 2, because tomorrow I start on pre season tasks for Round 3. I have deliberately tried not to think about R3: I did not want to forget in the whirlwind that is pre season that I was still plodding away on R2.

I have been looking over my goals.....very interesting as I have not looked at them since I made them 12 weeks ago.

In that first week I acknowledged that I was a great starter....not so great with the finishing....Well I am still here!!! Think I can check that off the list as done & dusted.

Weight Loss goals. I said that at 1 month I wanted to have lost 3kg, I had lost 3.7kg. At 3 months I wanted to have lost 8kg, I have in fact lost 10.8kg in the 12 weeks. That puts me a LONG way towards my 6 month goal of a 15kg loss... Yup can check that off the list too. I HOPED to be under 100kg, but at the time I didn't even write it down. I guess I could not believe it was at all possible. I am by the way...99.2kg to be exact.

Fitness/Training. Lets just say that this is the area that I have exceeded my expectations. Most of my fitness test results prove that..well other than the Ab test....LOL I always knew that if I got myself moving...I would shift the weight. But I was so timid about exercising that I was not really confident of being able to achieve anything of significance.... The biggest goal I set myself in that area was to maybe a couple of times a week be riding or walking for 45 min.... and I have been doing that, easily. I decided yesterday to give it a good push and just see how far I could go. I managed to knock out an 8km walk in about 100min. The thing that let me down was my feet.....if not for them I could have done more. My body handled it really well. Very little soreness, even today!!! When I started around 2km was my limit, my feet hurt after the first 500m....LOL Man how things have changed!! Yesterday I even ran to catch the lights at a pedestrian crossing???? 12 weeks ago I could not have run to save myself! Oh and I did a bit of a triathlon.....LOL

Although I am proud of what I have achieved, I know I have more in me!! I am really looking forward to the next round. I plan on following the training program more closely, this time having mainly done my own thing. I really want to see BIG improvements in the fitness test.

It has been a wild ride....but I know it is only the beginning.....



  1. Hi Lynda,
    You have come SO far... your goals have been smashed, so now you have to set new ones (at work they call them "Stretch" goals)
    You are right... it we are sitting at the begining of a WIDE ride :)

  2. Amazing results Lynda!! Well done! Round 3 is going to be a blast!!