Sunday, September 19, 2010

Kicking off Round 3

I know I have not quite finished my pre season tasks, but I just had to stop in and log some stats from todays get together with some of the Victorian 12WBTer's.

It was just so cool to meet up with so many people I am familiar with from the forums BUT also just as cool to meet some new peeps who have just signed up for R3!! Last round I really just trudged along on my own.....yes I Tweeted, & blogged & visited the forums...but that really meant that everyone was at a distance still. I think today was what I really needed to keep focused and enthusiastic....

So what are the numbers?????

Going UP the steps

46:32 Min
463 Calories
156 Average HR
182 Max HR

Going DOWN the track

25:19 Min
170 Calories
128 Average HR
205 Max HR ???


58:47 Min
520 Calories
146 Average HR
172 Max HR

Not sure where that Max HR of 205 came from going DOWN?? I also got a reading of 204 the other day from carrying some groceries to the car???

Be back soon with the last 2 preseason tasks.....


  1. Well this answers my tweet.... You did brilliantly today, I almost wish I was in Vic so I could have done it with you :)


  2. What a great photo! Looks like a fabulous day was had by all.

    Hope you have had a great start to the challenge - good luck for the next week.