Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ready for Week 3

I am a naughty blogger aren't I!!! Where on earth did the last 2 weeks go??? I really thought it was time for me to stop by and fill you in on what has been going on in my life and my head.....

The Scales: Have thankfully been kind to me for the first 2 weigh ins. 700g in W1, 1.6Kg in W2. That gives me a total for R3 of 2.3Kg,with a total loss of 13.1kg since the beginning of R2. NICE. Reasonably happy with that. I pretty much have a goal of -5kg for each 4 weeks so I am tracking a little behind at this stage. The next 2 weigh ins will be interesting as I am heading into T.T.O.M...... practicing my positive attitude just in case.

The Training: Is going OK. I continue to have a real love/hate relationship with the Training side of this program and I am a little frustrated with this body. It seems the big start to R3 did me in a little, sometime on that Sunday I strained my lower back, which is no surprise really as I have ongoing issues with it. Wasn't feeling it in my back, my hip was & is very sore & I also had a dull ache down the outside of my right leg into my foot. It really did my head in for a couple of days. I want to push myself physically, but I find I am holding myself back, pretty much protecting myself. Therefore It doesn't help the mental aspect of this process when I do get a negative result from a big training session. It just gives that little voice in my head some extra ammunition to fire at me while I debate training or not training. I DO know that I am more likely to include some form of exercise in my day NOW than I was 15 weeks ago. In fact, back at the beginning I would get to 9pm & think oh crap!! I have not exercised yet.......that is when I was so grateful for having the exercise bike in my shed. It was always an after thought. I am getting much better at getting the job done earlier in the day as I am waiting for an opportunity to go do it. HOPEFULLY soon I will be able to convince myself to get up early & get it done before breakfast. ESPECIALLY with the warmer weather coming.

The Food: I have to be honest & say I am not nailing the 1200 every day. There are days when I am just so tired of thinking about food & calories. There is also this whole internal dialogue that goes on over a cookie for example. Do you want it/Do you need it? Yes it will taste good, but how many calories are in it? Look how tiny it is? How much GOOD food could you eat for the SAME calorie count. ( coz for me it is all about volume still) It can get draining and there are days where I can rationalize eating just about anything. Tell me that gets easier? That that focus on quantity will evaporate and I will consume what my body needs to do its work for the day?? Not just in calories but in quantity, because it is possible to eat too many steamed vegies and feel sick even if the calories have been ok. (seriously 100g each of Potato,broccoli, beans, peas & carrots and 50g of sweet potato is only 245 Calories.....but it is a HUGE pile of veg!!)

I so want to be at goal, but keep reminding myself there is things to still is not magically going to happen over night. AND even when I am AT goal I must remain vigilant! As Mish says this is not just about these 12 weeks or the 12 before OR the 12 is about life and learning these lessons for life.

So with that all we charge into W3. I am beginning with a 5km walk after the physio..... I am laughing about it while typing it.....WHO AM I??? Husband is dropping me there on his way out & I am walking home!! Most of it up hill....what a sucker for punishment!!

Night night......

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  1. Hang in there Lynda. Injuries are such a pain (literally) and can interfere with all great plans.