Monday, October 25, 2010

Busy BUSY day....

Today I planned to make up for some of the exercise I didn't do last week while I was feeling not so good. Instead of a SSS over the weekend I was hoping for an MMM (Massive Manic Monday) That of course was all going to depend on how I woke up feeling....but I packed my swimming stuff ready for the adventure I had planned.

So I walked to the Pool (23min), Did 30 min of laps (10 x 50m) then maybe 20 min in the therapy pool. Showered and walked to the Osteo. appointment. (15min) There for an hour. Walked over the the super market (5 min) Then walked home (30min). I then felt I had enough in my legs to do another walk after dinner so I knocked of 5km in just under an hour. My HRM is going WIERD, readings all over the place and I really don't trust it for my calorie burn. So using the Expenditure chart on the Mish Bridges website, I figured I burned almost 1000 calories today! My best total in ages so I am very very pleased.

As for the Osteopath. I feel like I have found me an Angel. Dr Sarah is a very bright young woman who seems to know what she is talking about. 30min in depth convo about medical history & current issues, then 30min of treatment. She really worked me over but it felt so good!! AND after just 1 treatment, I gained back so much range in the movement of my head. I am very hopeful that with continued treatment I will get some real relief. I actually felt clearer in the head this afternoon than I have for weeks!! The wheels started to come off about 30 min ago though...but after such a big day I am not surprised. So I took some panadol and am now tucked up in bed ready for sleep. It will be interesting to see how I pull up in the morning.

So for now, night night.....I hope you all had a great day.

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  1. Oh I do hope you pull up ok. That was a good effort with the calorie burn. It's so nice to find a medical practioner who listens and then treats accordingly.