Monday, October 18, 2010

What the Dr said....

All I can say is thank GOODNESS for my iPhone!! Waited almost 90 min..... Poor Doc was so busy, he clicked my name on his computer screen, got distracted and forgot to call me in...THEN he thought he had seen me, cause the computer said he had..LOL He bulk billed me to apologise for leaving me sit there so it is all good.

So he agrees with me that it has all been going on a bit too long. He sent me off for an x-ray to rule out anything nasty and to check for arthritis, he said because I am 43 now??! (How rude to suggest I am getting old) Apparently my Trapezius muscle IS in spasm....surprise surprise.....!! The thing that I am MOST pleased about was that he ASKED if I have been having funny sensations in my head: feeling spaced out, not able to concentrate, not quite there so to speak. I said YES yes on and off, but the last week has been just awful. Seems it is quite common with neck issues. AND that is helpful in me understanding why the Panic Attack happened, I was having some very strange sensations in my head while I was walking that day......

Now I wait for the results of all of the pretty pictures they took of my bones, possibly tomorrow but definitely Wednesday. In the meantime I have some MORE exercises......which I must do 5 times each 5 times a day.... then He has suggested that an Osteopath might be of some use.... ( as long as the is no tumors or bone cysts....cringe!)

But MOSTLY it is always nice to be taken seriously and treated with kindness. Suffering from anxiety, I always worry that I will be treated as a Hypochondriac. Some assume that people who suffer from any of the spectrum of Anxiety disorders are prone to hysteria. I guess it is why I hope for people to get to know ME before the know about my "issues".

Might try and go for a bit of a light trundle soon.......



  1. Lynda, hang onto that Doc. He sounds lovely and helpful

  2. Fantastic news Lynda! Really pleased with that result for you. ;) Can completely relate to being made to feel like a hypochondriac by medical professionals!

  3. It makes such a difference to be treated seriously by a doctor! Fingers crossed for decent x-ray results!