Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Weigh in day looms once again....

I want to change the day I weigh in....I gotta feeling that tomorrow is going to suck again. Reason: Hormonal disturbances once again, this time ovulation. I look pudgier round the middle today than I did yesterday....uughh fluid again I think. Last Round T.T.O.M. only affect my weigh-in mildly, and I have been wracking my brain to work out why it is having such a roller coaster affect this Round. I have only just remembered that there was a week between Round 2 & 3 and that maybe it was just enough to throw a spanner in the works.... Whatever the reason I am not expecting much tomorrow, hopefully therefore offsetting any major disappointment. I think that I should just get used to every 2nd weigh in day being crap! LOL. See the pattern, trust the program and just keep plodding away. I am starting to get a sniff of the 80's. (It smells good) I am right now closer to 90 than I am 100....and that is very very pleasing.

So in anticipation of the scales not being so kind tomorrow, I am going to list some other milestones as a reminder of the progress I am making.

1. New Sports Bra - Smaller Size
2. New training tops from Kmart - Size 14 (used to be 18-20)
3. New Training Tops from LJ - Size Medium
4. My fav Bonds training pants are starting to fall down :(
5. 2 People took a moment to recognise me today.
6. I got a toot & very long look while walking today.... Seriously I think I was old enough to be their mother....LOL

AND that is all just this week.

Will check in sometime tomorrow.......fingers crossed with some positive news.....Happy scale day to you too...



  1. You are a machine woman!!! ;) Some fantastic milestones there!! Can't wait to meet up with you in Sydney!!! ;)