Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 72

So here I am again, the night before weigh in......and I didn't even update you as promised last Wednesday.......

SO......here is what happened LAST Weigh in day......

The scales played tricks on me again....I hopped on 4 times and got 101kg.....VERY VERY excited as that made a 1.3kg loss in a week. BUT as I couldn't really believe it, after doing my measurements I hopped back just to see that number again....and it was 101.4kg????? So which number should I take?? I asked my Tweeps....and they all said take the 101kg, reminding me if I had not wanted to see the number again I would never have known.....so I did..... My measurements were also great Chest -2cm, Waist - 3cm, Hips -2cm & Thighs -2cm!!!

I have however carried a little fear in the back of my head that taking the lower weight would come back to bite me this week......ONLY TOMORROW WILL TELL!

I managed well with accelerator day again today..I find it so much easier to stick to the 1200 cals for the day on these days.....SO lets just hope that it will do the trick and get me closer to those double figures....I just so want to get that 10kg total loss for Round 2!!!!!! just 1kg away....wouldn't it be sweet to get it tomorrow and have an extra week up my sleeve to EXCEED my goal for this round!!!!

SO I will be back to tell you...but maybe this time I will not promise for it to be tomorrow......



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