Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 58 (Before the day really began)

Have had a miserable couple of days......head cold really set in! NOT FUN. BUT if it wasn't for that I would be feeling great. Very pleased with how I have pulled up....proves just how much my fitness has improved over the last 8 weeks.

The Triathlon has been an interesting experience. When I first heard about it I thought....NO way, there is NO WAY I can do that. Then I looked at the requirements and thought hang on that is really not out of my reach. So I did it, and with little trouble. Yes I was slow but I had not set out to break any records. In the last couple of days I have been telling people what I have done and the look on their faces is so funny....and I wonder is it so hard to believe that I did??? I mean I guess if you look at me I am still over 100kg...so typically people of my size do not do such things....

So I have gone from NO way to "of course I did it"?? Like it is the sort of thing I have always done......just another day at the office. Funny that!!!

Still mulling over the MAJOR milestone. I am not able to get to the party, so need to come up with my own. I guess Michelle might give us some hint as to what would be suitable.....



PS Later in the proper part of the day......

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