Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 4

Today has been one of those days..up....down...up....down.....uugghhh. Blew my calories a bit, but with 1/2 and avocado I scooped out of the skin with a teaspoon. Still think it is better than a bag of potato chips.....not sure Michelle would agree.

I am enjoying the food, though I am making changes to suit skipping chickpeas rissoles and steaming some vegies to have with a small lamb steak.

The exercise is getting better too. I am less sore today than I was on Tuesday and I once again did over 11km's in the 30 min. (Yes I pushed through the sore butt and got back on the bike.) I plan to build the amount of time and also vary the type of exercise I am doing over the next couple of weeks...just testing my body on the bike I guess.......and I haven't fallen apart yet!!!



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