Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 3

I am so tired today....tired of being sick more than anything really. It has been almost 6 weeks now......but I am trying to push through. I am certainly not following the program completely but feel while this virus has a hold on me I had best pace myself. I am really looking forward to the school holidays which start here at the end of the week: less running around with kids etc and HOPEFULLY I can spend those 2 weeks getting into a good training routine.

For lunch today I used some of the chicken left over from last night to make a wrap with avocado and salad!! It was so yummy. And for dinner we had the noodle soup. I even allowed myself 2 slices of wholemeal bread stick with grilled cheese on them. The bread stick is good as it only uses half a slice of cheese, where as a square loaf would use a whole one....small changes but good ones. I love bread and it is one of the hardest things for me to give up so I am glad I can squish a couple of pieces in here and there. I poached some extra chicken when making the soup so I have that set aside for tomorrow's wrap. Perfect day for it as it will be 18 here tomorrow. I also stashed a serve of soup in the freezer....the weather man says that the weekend will be turning cold and rainy so perfect weather for soup then!!

I spent another 30min on the bike tonight.....BUT I managed to go another 1.5km than last night. That is right 11km!! I am pretty pleased as I really thought I would be too sore to do it at all. My butt is very sore so I might walk tomorrow. Thing about walking is that it aggravates my Plantar Fasciitis, AND my hip bursitis. I sound like an old woman don't I. It is the reason I am doing this....too young to feel so so old.

Oh and Wednesday is weigh in day.......the scales say I have lost 500g.....?? Who knew?? But I will take it!!



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