Thursday, November 18, 2010

Non scale Victories....

What can a Non Scale Victory have to do with the back end of a couple of cars you ask??

A month or so before I started my first Round of the 12WBT, I found myself in a pickle. Leaving the shopping center rather late, I came back to my car and found the only other car in the carpark, parked SO close to my car that I couldn't get in the drivers door. It also dawned on me that I was in no way capable of either climbing through the back of the car or getting across the console from the passenger side. Thankfully I had the kids with me and my learner driver WAS able to get in and move the car forward so I could drive home.....just a little embarrassing.

Well today it happened again BUT there was more people around (Extra embarrassing) AND no handy skinny extra driver with me to get me out of my bind. Now I accept it was partly my fault, as you can see I am fairly close to the line also (I am the red car) and the angle of the shot actually makes my car look closer than it was. The other driver was probably concerned about the concrete pole on the other side of their park. Thinking like a fat person, I started to freak out just a little....but then I remembered I was not so fat anymore...funny how you have to "remember" that hey! SO with a bit of a wiggle and sucking ALL the way in.....I got in bloody car. I seriously sat in the driver seat thinking bugger me how did I do that?? Grinning like a goof ball at the same time I must add.

SO in a week when the scales have once again been fickle....I am grateful to have a timely reminder that thing are changing: that I AM changing....AND it is making life easier!!




  1. Fabulous work, Lynda! It's nice to have those little reminders! :D