Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Triathlon Tuesday

What a day.......

I was not able to complete my Tri over the weekend and planned to do it today BUT also wanted to wait till I had my HR monitor back. (I sent it away last week to be repaired) Thankfully it came back yesterday so all was GO for today. I am still rated as a beginner as far as exercise goes....but I really want to try and push a little past the distances expected: They were 800m swim, 5km walk/run, 10km Bike ride. Last round I completed the tri at the gym, but now that I am more comfortable on the bike I decided I really wanted to do it all outside....so the plan was to walk to pool, swim, walk home & jump on bike. I was not entirely happy about splitting the walk but for practical reasons it was the sensible thing to do.

Set off in a good but possibly apprehensive state of mind....I have very good at the self talk thing....very good at talking myself out of thing actually. But did the 2km to the pool in around 20min. Met my mum, who was planning on paddling around while I churned up & down the pool. The swim leg was the one I was most unsure about and honestly I would prefer to do it last.....one of the reasons is the way being in water makes me feel. I HATE that heavy feeling you get when you get out....HATE IT. Does my head in, just like being on the treadmill.....ANYWAY I did my 16 laps and thought, well it is only 4 more to have done the whole 1km...so off I set. I could really feel my neck tightening up...so had to switch between strokes but I got it done. I jumped in the shower to rinse off. While in there I realized I was feeling extra strange, in fact my head felt SUPER heavy and I felt like I was going to tip over. This of course completely freaked me out.......and I started having one of those conversations in my head. You know the shall I shan't I convo's. Debating whether to walk home or not. I have to admit I bailed & got my mum to drive me home. And once I got home I started the whole "you have let yourself down conversation" Thankfully I rallied, and figured I could head out for more walking and stay close to home, basicly I applied the 10min rule. I started out very slowly & cautiously but thankfully I found my legs and started chewing up the km. I was aiming for 3, so that with the 2 I did at the beginning, I had my 5....but decided on the fly to see how far I could go. I cranked out just over 5, which gives me a total of just under 7km walking. The bike was HARD. Legs very very tired! I have been riding 12km regularly, so I knew I could do more....I just didn't know if I could today after swimming & walking. It was slow, awkward & laboured...but I managed to complete 13.5km. 15 would have been nice but I was running out of time.

So the stats for the day are

Walk: 1.93km - 21:22 / 154 Calories
Swim: 1km - 51:40 / 221 Calories
Walk: 5.01km - 1:06:23 / 456 Calories
Ride: 13.49km - 1:08:33 / 477 Calories

21.43km / 208 min /1308 Calories

Pretty happy with that....who knows what I will like tomorrow....but for now sleep.



PS Cautiously optimistic about weigh in day....will let you know 1 way or the other tomorrow afternoon


  1. You did amazing for your Tri! I love that you kept going and shushed up that little inner voice that talks us out of keeping on. Go girl!