Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The LAST Weigh in & Party Time are some pictures.....

Now some numbers

Week 1 Week 12 Difference
Weight 99.2kg 89.5kg -9.7kg
Bust 110cm 105cm - 5cm
Waist 91cm 83cm - 8cm
Hips 120cm 111cm - 9cm
Thigh L 71cm 65cm - 6cm
Thigh R 72cm 65cm - 7cm

That is a total of 35cm lost!!! And JUST short of 10kg for this round. A GRAND total of 20.5kg For both Rounds..... I have just a little smidge of disappointment: So many of the goals I set at the beginning of this Round disappeared. Not sure why, if maybe I set my sights too high or got freaked out a little. Maybe a bit of both. LOL

SO.....the party!!

About this time in 12 hours I will be boarding the train to Sydney. I am HOPING desperately that the floods that are happening around Vic & NSW don't through a spanner in my plans....UUGGghhh Trapped on a train surrounded by water...LOL I am surprisingly calm considering how highly strung I have been leading up to NOW. I do feel a bit sick right now, but I think that is as much the ridiculous humidity we have been having in Melbourne the last 2 weeks. I don't cope well with heat & humidity.

I have had so many thoughts running around my brain the last few weeks, I have written about a dozen blog posts in my head but have never quite gotten them actually posted. Too scared to voice the fears that have been plaguing me, or too scattered to find the few moments it would have taken to type them out. I guess I have been suffering a little from paralysis by analysis. Over-thinking, imagining, projecting... then freaking out a bit. But I am in for better or worse. I think I have imagined every worse case scenario.... which is about normal for me. AND the anxiety is to be expected when I am pushing myself SOOOOO far out of my comfort zone. No pain no gain they say....Michelle talked tonight in the live feed about your brain needing to catchup to the reality of the new body etc. The same applies to me and my ability to do stuff. For so long I have been defined by what I couldn't do. I couldn't drive, therefore I couldn't go out on my own, I hated being home on my own but struggled being out in public with people. I struggled to stand still long enough to cook, I couldn't sit still long enough to eat, I couldn't shower or clean my teeth without having panic attack. I didn't go to the movies for YEARS I missed birthday parties, weddings, funerals and the grief & guilt that goes with missing significant events like that cuts deep.It has really been like life has been lived around me, and I am just an observer. I have finally stopped beating myself up about the things I cannot change and have decided to move forward with purpose. I don't want to be stuck at home anymore I don't want to miss things...

So tomorrow I board the take a big step in recovering my life. Will check in from Sydney to let you know how it went....LOL Maybe even from the train...if I can get internet service...For those of you that I will FINALLY get to meet...I CAN HARDLY wait...YOU guys are my prize for making the journey!!!

cheers & See you in Sydney


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  1. Lynda, I can't wait to meet you in Sydney. See you there