Friday, June 17, 2011

Intresting couple of weeks...

You will come to know that if I am quiet...things are not good.LOL The last couple of weeks have been a real roller coaster.

1. My period turned up 11 days early. In regards to this I am having to learn to go with the flow! (No pun intended) It is just the stage of life I am at and I have to ride it out so to speak. The thing that is hardest to deal with is the way it affects my weight. Up and down ALL over the place. It is a challenge not to get hysterical about it...just remember that as dramatic as the gain may be one day, the subsequent loss will be just as spectacular. AND it literally can turn around in 24 hours. It is one of the reasons I weigh myself everday. That way I see that the gain happened over night and I am able to KNOW that it was not about what I ate or the exercise I didn't do.

2. I am also currently full of poo! TMI?? lol it is an unavoidable consequence of the iron tablets I have to take. I have been managing the situation well up to this point but the last few weeks I have really lost the plot. I find if I eat 1 pear a day and have a couple of sticks of black licorice I am good to go. (no pun intended again, LOL)It is not usually till I am in trouble that I remember I have not been keeping that regimen up....and of course it then takes a couple of days to set it straight...sigh. Does not help if you forget your daily pear AGAIN!!

3. My back has been HIDEOUS. I hold all my tension in my back, and if things are stressful over an extended period of time....eventually it just gives out. I have had a couple of days of bad spasms late in the afternoon....which has resulted in husband arriving home to find me asleep on the couch...LOL It is interrupting my ability to train and work...and actually gets me down more than the other 2 things... I then find it harder to not snack...and the snacking has gotten away from me the last couple of days. Sigh...

The BEST thing about the last couple of weeks is that my oldest son has gotten himself a job...FINALLY. He finished Year 12 last year, and has just been taking it easy for the first part of this year...THANKFULLY he will be out of the house and starting his traineeship with Telstra THIS MONDAY! Pleased for him AND me...LOL

I better get off and do some work I am feeling like I can. Just wanted to check in and I hope you are all well



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  1. Darn bodies... why don't they do what they are told?? Hope you are on the improve. Take care xox